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Milwillah Angus is part of the Caldwell family’s farming enterprise, “Milong”, situated west of Young on the south-western slopes of NSW, Australia. During the 80s and 90s, we originally started breeding Angus bulls to fulfil our own commercial bull requirements. Over the years, with our own commercial focus instilled, and the consistent culling of undesirable traits and underperformers, the Milwillah herd has progressed to where it is today, selling 400 bulls annually, and a combined stud and commercial female herd of 2000 head.

Our bulls are bred from an 80-year old gene pool, providing us with depth of pedigree and consistency of type. With a focus on growth, carcass quality and maternal attributes, we believe we are providing the Milwillah clientele with the best option to drive profitability in a commercial cattle operation.

Milwillah 2021 Bull Sale!

Friday 3rd September 2021
130 Bulls


Sire Groups include: Koupals Identity, Spicklers PowerPoint, Jaal J2, Moonshine M131, LD Capitalist, Napa N498, Nardoo N155, Napster N125.

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