Milwillah 2023 Angus Bull Sale Total Clearance

In a display of market demand meeting genetic quality, the Milwillah Angus Bull Sale held on September 8, 2023, saw a total clearance of 98 bulls, reaching an average price of $23,560.

The 100 per cent clearance was driven by stud and commercial buyers looking to add bulls packed full of meat, backed by maternal strength and structural soundness, to their programs.

Headline Bulls: High-Priced Acquisitions

Lot 62, Milwillah Pheasantry T352, became the talk of the auction when it was acquired by Glendan Park for$200,000.

Glendan Park stud principal Alvio Trovatello said he has been on the road for the past couple of months with Mr Godbolt and seen over 1000 bulls with Pheasantry T352 being the best bull of the whole trip.

“We’ve always been looking for phenotype and structure and balanced figures, it’s been really hard to find a bull with all that.” Mr Trovatello said.

“We’ve found it here today and we’re really impressed with the bulls structure, sire appeal and the good data set, he’s the full package.

Not far behind was Lot 3, Milwillah Sergeant S791, which went to Bannaby Angus for an impressive $190,000.


Bannaby Angus stud manager Glynn Langford said Sergeant S791 was an example of the bulls the stud had been aiming to breed.

“He’s a good shaped bull, sound footed, suits our operation and the bulls we’re breeding, and a bit of different outcross what we’ve been using,” Mr Langford said.

Other seedstock operations to purchase on the day included Herb Duddy’s Sara Park Angus and the Peake’s family Bowen Angus both of which were seeking muscle, soundness and elite angus cow families.

Will Caldwell, Milwillah Angus said he was overwhelmed with the support of both new and core clientele. Commercial clients are our focus here and they have had a great day which is pleasing. The 2024 draft will include more numbers, with more bulls bred via embryo transfer to be included to ensure this continues.


Sale Breakup By Sire Group

Pheasantry 10 $51,090
Power Broker 3 $30,000
Jaal 11 $23,250
Proceed  10  $20,800
Krakatoa $20,000
Powerpoint 9 $20,888
Moonshine 12 $19,750
Napa 9 $18,000
Slideshow 2 $17,000
Rimfire 1 $16,000
Ramjet 1 $20,888
Prarie  4 $16,000
Leupold 3 $14,666
Identity 1 $14,000
Cracking 3 $14,000


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