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Building on the foundations of our angus to offer a fit for purpose animal

Milwillah Ultrablack Cattle.

With a blend of Angus and Brangus genetics, these cattle showcase outstanding carcass quality, marbling and growth rates. Thriving in diverse climates, their adaptability sets them apart.

Ultrablack Bulls - 18.5 brahman Content




We focus on balanced phenotype, optimising growth rates, carcass quality, and fertility.

Ultrablack Breeding

Through our Ultrablack breeding program, we prioritise phenotype to increase productivity and survivability of our animals. We target a robust, deep-bodied animal, ideal for efficient feed conversion and superior weight gain. Our Ultrablacks possess a smooth, sleek coat, contributing to heat tolerance and adaptability across various climates.

At Milwillah, we recognise that a good disposition temperament is a vital component of our breeding program. We understand that easy-to-handle cattle not only make management tasks more efficient, but they also perform better in weight gain and reproduction. This is why we breed our Ultrablacks to be docile.

At Milwillah, we understand the importance of strong female genetics and the pivotal role fertility plays in our program. Our Angus herd provides a genetic foundation of proven fertility and maternal qualities, traits we deeply value.

These genetics trickle down to our Ultrablack program, combining robust Angus fertility with adaptability and resilience.

Carcass quality forms a critical piece of the puzzle at Milwillah. We understand that in order to produce the finest beef, our cattle must excel not only in growth and fertility, but also in their meat quality. We breed our Ultrablacks with a focus on traits such as marbling, optimal fat coverage, ensuring a high-quality product that consistently meets and exceeds market standards.

The Angus genetics we integrate into our Ultrablack herd have a proven track record for superior carcass traits, further boosting the quality of the beef produced.

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