Welcome to the Milwillah Angus website

homepage-1Milwillah Angus is part of the family-owned property ‘Milong’, situated at Young on the South-West Slopes of NSW.

We strive to produce and run high performance black angus cattle under no fuss conditions.

We believe the product we are presenting to our clientele is genuinely the best commercial option. With an emphasis on do-ability, growth, carcase quality and maternal attributes without chasing trends and extremities in individual traits.

At Milwillah we are using superior Te Mania families to breed bulls with a firm focus on phenotype over figures. However, we still believe that EBVs serve a purpose and have done wonderful things for the Angus breed.

Our bulls are bred from an 80 year old gene pool providing us with consistency of type throughout our line up.

We are constantly trying to maintain and improve our maternal lines through sire selection and by culling of under-performers and undesireable traits. Our cow herd is the backbone of the Milwillah operation and we are immensely proud of it.