The 2020 Sale Average $16,595 with a top price of $44,000

The 2020 Sale average was $16,595 with a top price of $44,000 for Milwillah Prairie P729 to Kriden Investments, Orange. NSW. Australia.

A second top price of $42,500 was received for Milwillah Pasadena P296 to Coffin Creek and Coolie Angus, NSW. Australia.

A third top price of $40,000 for Milwillah PowerPoint Q11 to 3R Livestock, Tamworth Loomberah NSW. Australia.

The breakup of the main sire groups include:

  • Spicklers PowerPoints averaged $24,333 for 6 rising 18month old bulls.
  • Koupals B&B Identity bulls averaged $15,500 for 18 rising 2year old bulls.
  • Milwillah Proceed L117 bulls averaged $16,875 for 8 rising 2year old bulls.
  • HPCA Proceed Bulls averaged $30,000 for 3 rising 2year old bulls.
  • MM.Klooney Bulls averaged $18,750 for 4 rising 2year old bulls.

A personal highlight being the support shown by long time supporters of our program both commercial and stud operations alike.

The combination of cow families, performance and structural integrity has created a core following who require the highest of standards on both hoof and hook and we intend to keep it that way.