Stud Females

Our stud female herd is the backbone to our entire cattle operation and something we are extremely proud of. Their health and well-being is paramount and we strive to maximise and maintain maternal function within the parameters of a commercial operation.

We have a predominantly Te Mania R cow base, with regular reference made to such cows as VTMR312, VTMR182, VTMR426, in the Milwillah pedigrees.

Daughters and Granddaughters of these industry-changing females have been, and continue to be, line bred to ensure the longevity of these famous cow lines. They have left Milwillah with a very strong core of high indexing breeding females, which we believe have the strength to take certain sire lines to the next level, and so help improve the industry as a whole.

The breeding program at Milwillah has a major underlying theme of “Improve, Enhance and Progress.”

Annually, 30%-40% of sires selected for joining are sourced outside of Milwillah. These are made up of proven sire lines (Tier 1 bulls), as well as what we call Tier 2 bulls, those which haven’t had the exposure of Tier 1 bulls but with huge potential. We use Tier 2 bulls because we believe that if joined correctly, they can take our Milwillah herd and the industry forward, be it in one generation or those that follow.

The other 60%-70% of sires used annually are homebred bulls, using proven genetics that perform year in year out. A number of the Milwillah sire lines are sons of those previously mentioned Tier 2 bulls that have been ‘Improved and Enhanced’ to progress the Milwillah, and the Milwillah clientele, herds as a whole.

We aim to have regular contact with our core clientele so as to gather constructive feedback about our bulls. In this way we can then use our stud breeding program to swiftly target, improve and enhance the attributes that are required to move our cattle operation, and that of our clients, forward.

Stud Females