Donor Cows

Our Donor herd is made up of 20-25 elite stud females, selected from the stud herd largely on pedigree, breed performance and structure.
These females act as a catalyst to enhance desired attributes and the spread of new sire lines; also to breed and maintain desired internal family lines in the Milwillah herd.

The Donor herd is currently made up of descendants of the cows VTMR312, VTMR182, and VTMR426, and of late has been used to line breed these families with homebred bulls of the same background, to ensure that the longevity of these families is achieved.

Two exciting new sire lines have also been introduced into the donor program in recent months. With these, we are looking to further promote muscularity and softness in our cattle, with an emphasis on calving ease to 400-day growth spread.
With 130 embryos frozen from each of these new sire lines, out of closely related female lines, we are able to get a good sample of progeny quickly. From this we will be able to improve where we see necessary and get a good gauge on whether these lines fit our parameters in terms of consistency of type.

Current donor cows, with complete pedigrees, are listed below. Current photos and vision will be available in early Spring.

MILWILLAH Barunah L181


MILWILLAH Barunah H224

Milwillah Barunah D159

Milwillah Mittagong D61

Te Mania Barunah X17

Milwillah Barunah B60

Milwillah Dream G71

Te Mania Lowan X64

Te Mania Lowan X47

Te Mania Barunah X71

Te Mania Barunah X23

Milwillah Moongara D123

Milwillah Mittagong D171

Milwillah Lowan H48

Milwillah Lowan G114

Milwillah Lowan F48

Milwillah Lowan D12

Milwillah Barunah F149

Milwillah Barunah E54

Milwillah Barunah E220

Milwillah Barunah E20

Milwillah Barunah E12

Milwillah Barunah D142

Milwillah Barunah D140

Milwillah Barunah D1

Milwillah Barunah E53

Milwillah Barunah E35

Te Mania Barunah X101