The Milwillah Ultrablack program commenced in 2012. Milwillah is currently selling 200 Ultrablack bulls annually and have plans to further expand this program. These bulls are bred from some of our best Angus females, including some of the best families the Angus breed has to offer. We believe using these genetics, will be hugely beneficial for this developing breed and are we are seeing some very encouraging genetic progress.

Through detailed performance recording and strict selection critieria, there has been significant gains in specifically Calving Ease, Growth and Carcass traits. The Milwillah Ultrablack progeny are run in commercial conditions, compete in large contemporary groups and are continually bench marked against the Milwillah Angus.

All crossbred cattle will be grown out from 6 months of age and marketed out of ‘Mirage Plains’, Cunnamulla, QLD.

More info to come in the coming months … keep checking back! 

2Yr old Brangus and Ultrablack Bulls. Ex Mirage Plains Cunnamulla QLD
Milwillah Klooney N72.
Milwillah Klooney N72. Stud Brangus Sire; TH Remington at 4yr old.
Brangus 03
Sire : QOUF670 at 6yrs. 37.5% Brahman.
Brangus 03
Milwillah K381 at 2yrs of age – 81.5% Angus, 18.5% Brahman
Brangus 04
Milwillah K400 at 2yrs of age- 81.5% Angus, 18.5% Brahman
Brangus 05
Milwillah K390 at 2yrs of age- 50% Angus, 50% Brahman
Brangus 06
Brangus 08
Brangus 10
Brangus 11
Brangus 07
Brangus 09
Brangus 12