Alan Gillogoly from Moree purchased 130 steers from Milwillah last year. They were put into his feedlot at an average of 540kg at 16 months of age. Av weight gain was 1.7kg/day. Av weight dressed 413kg. Av fat 22mm.

“The performance of the Milwillah cattle was outstanding, particularly for weight gain and marbling. The heaviest of the bullocks dressed out at 491kg and was one of a number of animals that had a marbling score of 6. Fat cover was consistently high. With this sought of kill data, it’s no wonder the cattle are in demand,” says Alan Gillogoly.

At Milwillah we don’t chase traits, we believe the article we put in front of you is genuinely the best commercial option. We believe this because we practice what we preach in our 1200 head commercial herd. A lot of bulls that we sell are used throughout our herd. At the end of the day you want options when you’re marketing your cattle, not just in the good times, but most of all the tight times. With a consistently natural marbling, high growth herd, you will have lexibility when it comes time to sell.